Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day Nine

Yesterday, ten Featherweights went home clean and shiny and their owners were proud of learning to care for their machines themselves. Personally, I think the Featherweight is one of the best sewing machines ever made. I do everything except satin stitching on it and have yet to be disappointed.

I also told you that I was teaching an Americana Flag class last night. Richard wanted to know if I would share pictures. So I am sharing one now and I will share my newest one when it is finished. These are fast, easy flags that make great gifts any time of the year. No, they are not strip pieced. And, yes, I did machine quilt them (I have made at least 20 so far!) and, gasp, I did straight stitch, raw edge applique on the star! I also tell students that they can hand applique the star, satin stitch the star, or blanket stitch the star by hand or machine. I find it is easier to give something away when I don't have so much emotional baggage involved as when I do a lot of hand work. This way, when the cat or dog is laying on it, or the husband (or, I guess, wife) is using it as an oil dipstick rag, I can feel more sanguine about it. (Ok, I would be pretty steamed and hot under the collar at any of those behaviors, but I digress....)

A short post for tonight. I just updated the schedule portion of my website so it is current through the end of August. Lots of cool stuff planned for fall--but you'll have to wait for that information for a bit longer.
Thanks to all of you for reading the posts. And a special thanks to those of you who comment.
Nite, nite!


  1. Thanks for the photo. Very nice. How far are you willing to drive to teach that class? You almost lost me with that husband crack, but then you saved it. Thanks.

  2. Annoy..a stalkerJuly 10, 2009 at 7:48 PM

    Neat project!! I do so appreciate your class updates, I mean afterall, how can we follow your every move, know your exact whereabouts..KNOW WHERE YOU ARE EVERY WAKING SECOND..LIKE LIKE A STALKER..... if you don't give us a small hint as to where to start looking... looks to see if anyone is watching I mean uhhhh... how wonderful it is to know what your classes are so we can plan to take them in advance... yeah yeah that is the ticket... cough, cough Looks away and backs into the corner

  3. Hi Sharon --so far so good--I have done at least 3 of my yo-yo's every day too--but we still got 3 weeks left to July--OH Dear me!!! Have a great weekend--Hugs, just, Di


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