Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day Twenty-Six

To make your knowledge of clematis seed heads complete, here is a picture of what they look like as they dry. WLDFLR brought these to me when she claimed her prize and explained that they can be stuck to florist wire and painted for use in bouquets. They certainly look much different that the picture on the 100th post.
Here's a close-up--so soft and furry. So unlike the spiky, harsh-looking first stage.

Di was right--Callie was quite miffed about being excluded from the blog. You can see the hairy eyeball she's giving me!

She is, of course, sitting right in the middle of my cutting mat and island. When she decided she might be a "blog girl", she sat up so pretty--just like a cover girl should. Then, bored with the whole process, she jumped down and tore off into the nether regions of the house.
Class this afternoon was excellent. I believe all the students got both blocks done and we picked out sashing and borders for one quilt and started the process on another.
Gotta run for now. Happy start to your work week!

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  1. To Callie--oh my what a beautiful lady cat you are--and you were right in wanting your picture on the blog post--now that you have had you time in the spot light ask mom for a treat and then you can go get a nap for all hard work you did in posing!!!! Tell your mom we will miss her if she doesn't at least blog a couple times a week from now on ok???? Hugs from yours truly, Di


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