Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Twenty-Nine

Two of the winners from the 100th post have claimed their prizes.

Sheila (aka Annoying) chose the Winter pattern. Lots of practice with sharp outer and inner points!
And WLDFLR (who was the first to correctly identify the clematis seed head) chose the Spring pattern. A very full block with lots of "shoreline" to perfect those applique stitches!

I have not forgotten Richard--still trying to decide what will be best!
I've spent part of the day basting quilt sandwiches for the retreat. Also made a couple potholders as a gift and assembled small gifts for our library's reading reward program. And I'm still salting slugs several times a day--they just will not give up.
More on the flip side!


  1. I'd be happy with a trumpet plant shoot. Or a seed of some kind. I still have an empty ladder. I'm a plant guy. Just dug up more of our backyard this afternoon. She said it was OK. Check out Anita's latest on my blog.

  2. Maybe your slugs would prefer a sip of beer?



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