Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day One

Today I am off to Pucky Huddle Delight in Candor to teach another installment of the Let's Get Vertical Block of the Month. Today they are doing the most complicated block and I know they are all looking forward to doing it--NOT! But it is a fabulous block and adds to the overall effect of the quilt.
Are you all gearing up for the holiday? I just love the fireworks but it looks like we may get rained off on the 3rd. I'll keep you posted (hee hee!).
Hi ho, hi ho it's off to class I go. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hi Sharon--I love the picture and I envy you being able to go to seeing Bailey!!!! My July"s challenge is to make at least 3 yo-yo's on my red and white yo-yo quilt that I was suppose to make last summer!!!
    see ya tomorrow--hugs, just, Di
    PS I have been doing the Minnesota blog hop--that's been fun and I have learned some new things!!! One thing is there is just not enough time to do all the projects I want to do??????/

  2. Hey, it's 7:12PM, Day 2. Waiting....

  3. Ok now Richard, Sharon still has 4 1/2 hours to make for July 2nd--she's a busy gal you know!!!!!
    See ya, Sharon--hugs, Diane

  4. Tick Tock
    11 PM
    My bedtime


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