Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Twenty-Four

You can all rest easy--it looks like I will live! Had a follow-up visit to my regular doctor who just shook her head and tested my hand/wrist range of motion, looked at the puncture wound and winced and said to come back in if things changed over the next week. Other than the awful black/purple color of several parts of my body, I'm doing okay. I'm still splinting and will ice later, but I am moving forward. I still consider myself lucky that I didn't do more damage.

Take a look at this Joseph's Coat rose today! Isn't it beautiful? It will eventually climb the trellis where it will meet my two Hops vines. This is just one rose with so many different colored buds/blossoms.

Here is the newest picture (and probably last) of the rose I posted several days ago. It's truly amazing to watch the color change by the day.

While out walking the lower part of the lawn this morning, I took another view of the hollyhock bed.

I'm getting things ready for my retreat in mid-August as well as getting my applique sampler done. I have five blocks done and the sixth one is underway. I had one piece appliqued, had started another and basted a third when I found a flaw in the background fabric. Part of the flaw would have been covered by an appliqued flower, but the other part wasn't. So I removed all three pieces and moved them to a new piece of background. That's one reason it is always wise to buy more fabric than you think you'll need!
Okay, Di, how are the yo-yos coming? I'm keeping my end of the bargain--how about you? Thanks, Sheila for the Brett Cullen info--who knew? But Coke over Pepsi? Could be a deal breaker ;-)
Good night, all! Are you remembering how special you all are?
P.S. Welcome to blogland, Earlene Fowler! Earlene is one of my favorite authors and I have added her to my blog list. If you haven't read any of her books, please do so--you'll love them!


  1. What's up with the Hops vines? I never heard of anyone growing Hops. Why? Anita and I just watched a show last night about growing and harvesting Hops. Hope you are feeling better everyday.

  2. Sharon, I am very glad you are feeling better! Leave it to me to find some bizzare and obscure facts... what can I say. I hate to mention this, but I like Coke over Pepsi myself, so maybe he and I would be a better fit..LOL.

    Say, inquring minds would love to see some pictures of your new projects. (hint, hint) We LOVE PROJECTS!!!

    I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! Wooo hoo.... sewing, good freinds and chocolate, doesn' get any better than that.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. So happy to hear you're on the mend!

    I, too, would love a preview of the applique project (and any other projects you have going). How about a few pictures??


  4. Hi Sharon--you are one amazing lady!!! YOu just can't stop a dedicated quilter can you??? OK the up date on the YO-YO project--I started with 18 from last year==my goal was "3" each day with the hopes of a 100 by end of July--I had that number by mid July--so upped the ante to 200 by the end of July--I am somewhere's around 175 I think and also a week to go--but you win because I did miss one day in the first part of the month--didn't blog--so forgot to do my Yo-Yo's!!!!! Take care--miss doing classes with you!!
    Hugs, just, Di I am keeping a running tally on the blissful site--I also have a Christmas in August Challenge going????


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